Since 1995, Kirstin Carlson Blatti has had the opportunity to live in rural areas of the cantons of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland.  In a time when the country seems intent on presenting a more modern face, Kirstin has seen that it is the traditional side that attracts visitors most.  Listening to the mellow tones of an alpenhorn reverberate across the mountains on a summer day, admiring the woodwork that adorns both the inside and outside of old chalets, feeling one’s cheeks grow rosy from a bubbling pot of fondue and an excellent bottle of wine.  These are the things Swiss memories are made of.  Over the years, Kirstin has learned French and become knowledgeable about Swiss culture and traditions.  She has created Swiss Artisans as a means to inform others about the work of traditional artisans which are still to be found today in this magnificent alpine country, as well as to provide opportunities to obtain one’s own unique Swiss treasure.